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Hi! I am a travel assistant. Type in where you are traveling from and to, provide your phone number, and I will help you book a ride. You can also carefully fill out the simple form above, leave your phone number, and interested carriers will call you shortly.

How does it work?

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And off you go. The carrier will pick you up from your home and take you to the specified address.

How to find out if a bus from address to address serves my city?

Enter the name of the city you want to depart from and the name of the city you want to arrive at. Then in the search results you will see a list of carriers who serve this route, a list of phone numbers for carriers, enter your phone number and send an inquiry or call and find out from the carrier. Remember, if the carrier does not serve your city, call the next one. Door 2 Door buses, i.e. buses from address to address, are international journeys, which involve directly picking up the passenger from the front door of the house and taking them to the address indicated by the passenger. These are small and comfortable buses that travel on international routes.

Can I bring luggage with me?

It all depends on the carrier operating on a given route, usually additional luggage may require an additional payment, so talk to the carrier, ask them about the conditions. Buses to Poland and abroad are international journeys. These buses have limited capacity, have space for parcels. You can also use this way to send a parcel abroad. During the conversation with the carrier, ask if they will take your parcel.

You can also check the appropriate additional field in the form or inform the assistant that you want to bring a parcel with you

In addition to luggage, some carriers allow you to bring a pet, they also have facilities for people with disabilities. However, you should inform the carrier about this well in advance. In this case, be sure to check the appropriate additional fields, or inform the assistant about the additional requirements

Are you an international carrier?

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Are you a carrier? You've just found the best source of passenger contacts and a place to exchange passengers. This is the perfect place for anyone who has a fleet of buses or even wants to start an adventure in this business. We provide contacts to passengers according to the service area and many other interesting solutions. If you have any questions, please contact us! If you want to get started - nothing simpler - create a carrier account!

How to effectively find a carrier?

If you are sure you want to go, pay a deposit for the trip in the waiting room. This is information for the carrier that you are sure of the trip, then the carrier will be more willing to contact you and will definitely take you. You are marked as a VIP passenger - you have paid a deposit and it is known that you are determined. The effectiveness of such an order is close to 100%!